Liza Greaves, Director at PublicPR says:

" I have known Marcus for over 30 years. As an active member of our national group he was always prepared to provide help, guidance and support to colleagues across the country. As a coach and mentor he was instrumental in helping them arrive at solutions and conclusions on a wide variety of topics and issues. "

PublicPR – the national benchmarking group for PR professionals in the public sector

Kam from Gloucestershire says:

" I worked for another public sector body for nine years in a similar role to Marcus. We often worked together and dealt with some pretty high-profile issues and high-pressure situations. On quite a few occasions I turned to him for guidance and over this period I also got to know him very well. He really does have a wealth of experience and knows how to understand and deal with complex issues, both work-related and personal. "

Will from Stafford says:

" Marcus helped me grow and develop in my professional career. He was a patient and enthusiastic coach and mentor who helped me analyse situations which led to fantastic outcomes. As a result of his help I achieved promotion in my career. "

Sue from Birmingham says:

" Marcus helped me to identify what was important in my life and gave me suggestions for a variety of tips, tools and techniques to enable me to reach an important decision about my future. He was very supportive, let me vent my frustrations at him and helped me to take control of my life. His support made a significant difference to how I feel about my decision and the tools he gave me will help me to make future ones. "

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