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Life Coach Marcus Grodentz
Life Coach Marcus Grodentz.

I operate a small, bespoke practice and work with people who are committed to making changes in their lives.Coaching is not something you need – it’s something you want.

Successful international athletes have coaches because they want to be pushed to become better.

Successful business people have coaches because they want to be challenged.
You know that there is something bigger and better out there for you. You just don’t know where to start on that journey – and it is also scary to take the first step.

If you decide that coaching is for you then you will have a Champion in your corner who will encourage you to be the best you can be and build the future you want.


Maggie Minns Counsellor

Grief and trauma can have a devastating effect.

Friends and family try to be understanding and sympathetic but are often at a loss to know how best to help.

Sometimes the things that trouble us and prey on our minds can be from events in the past.

I understand grief, stress and the effect that they have which can sometimes appear years later.

I can provide that non-judgemental, independent, confidential, listening ear that you need at times like this.

Book a FREE 30-minute session with me and let’s discuss your issues and see if we can work together to resolve them.

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