Welcome to Novus Coaching and Counselling.Whether you are troubled by people or events from your past or if you just feel totally unfulfilled and know that life holds something more for you - then you have come to the right place.

At Novus Coaching and Counselling we offer the twin services that can provide the support you need.


Life Coach Marcus Grodentz
Life Coach Marcus Grodentz

I am Marcus Grodentz a former journalist and award winning public relations manager

This is my story:

You know you want change in your life – but wanting in itself isn’t enough. You need help navigating your way through the difficulties that seem to block and beset you at every turn.

I know – I have been there.

I have been married and divorced – twice. But it hasn’t stopped me from finding my soul mate.

I have brought up two children.

I have held down a high-profile, stressful job in the public sector while being a carer for more than 20-years.

I’ve dreaded the postman coming because I knew I couldn’t pay the bills that were going to drop on the doormat.

I understand stress and what it can do to us as individuals and to our relationships.

I’ve been overweight and smoked and drunk too much. But it hasn’t stopped me from adopting a healthier life-style.

I am now self-employed but I have years of experience of navigating the corporate and political labyrinth.

If you are looking for a Life Coach who will understand your issues and frustrations, who recognises your goals and ambitions and more importantly will work with you to be your champion and help you achieve them - then we need to have a conversation.


I am Maggie Minns.

I have had a long career working in the NHS as a practice manager of a large GP surgery.

This is my story:

Maggie Minns

We talk about the Circle of Life.

We are born and we die. Life goes full circle

But it is what we do with the bit in the middle that’s important.

And that is why I became a counsellor and why I chose to specialise in bereavement and grief counselling.

I adored my father and he was taken from me very suddenly. Some 20 years later my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died within weeks.

My former husband and I had a son. When my son was just 20 he was diagnosed with cancer. Within four months he was taken from us.

But my son and his partner had just given birth to a daughter.

The pain of losing him was offset by this beautiful little girl who so often reminds me of him.

That was more than 20 years ago. Now my grand-daughter has given birth to a gorgeous son of her own.

I have now remarried and my husband and I have a great-grandson.

Bereavement is a shattering life event. For many people that’s exactly what it does. It shatters them sometimes just for a short spell. Sometimes for years after.

Grief affects people in many ways.

My mission in life is to help people through this trauma.

I have had a long career working in the NHS where I was responsible for looking after palliative care patients and their families. I also counselled medical staff and have worked as a volunteer bereavement counsellor for the St David’s Foundation.

After a bereavement or a major grief trauma those who are still here still have their lives to lead.

I can help them – and you – to do just that.