Do you have a dream?

When the USA decided to send men into space the team of experts and support workers all had one very clear and combined vision of what they wanted to achieve.

There is a great story of when President Kennedy visited Cape Canaveral and was doing a tour of the space station.

All of his stops and the people to whom he would speak had been carefully planned and the staff rehearsed in what they were to say.

But during his tour the President spied a janitor sweeping the floor in the distance. “I want,” he said, “to speak to that man.”

The President was told that he was not part of the tour but the President was adamant.

He was taken across to the surprised worker. “Tell me about your job?” the President asked him.

“Mr President,” the janitor replied, “I help to put men on the moon.”

Everyone knew that putting men on the moon was the end game. And they knew what they needed to do to get them there. They knew what the lunar landing craft would need to look like to perform its functions and they knew what they wanted the astronauts to do when they got there.

Even the janitor knew that he was part of the team and that his work was important.

They hadn’t done it before.

But because they all had a clear combined vision between them they were able to devise a process to make it happen.

As human beings that is how we work.

If we want to make something – or make something happen – we have to have a picture in our mind of what it will look like.

If we can picture it then we can devise a process to build it.

The picture has to come first and then the process.

It is the same with our personal and professional lives.

What is your big picture?

What is your end-game?

Where is it you want to get to?

And, you don’t need to know how and you don’t need to have done it before.

But if you don’t have a big picture and you don’t have a plan or a process to make it happen then you just live life – ‘by accident.’

Things happen and you just react to them.

You live your own version of ‘Groundhog Day’ – just doing what it is that you do day after day and wondering why nothing changes.

What is your dream and what are you doing to create it and make it happen?

Whether you are a sole operator or have a team of people in your business everyone – like the janitor – needs to know what the goal is.

You are in business to create a lifestyle – so what does that look like and how are you working towards achieving it?

Let me know. I’d love to hear from you about what it is that you are doing to create the life you want not the one that just happens to you.

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