Don’t be an insignificant ‘dash’

It was drawn to my attention recently that no matter how famous or important anyone is we all have the same three key things on our gravestones.

There is a start date and an end date. These two figures are separated by the third element which is a ‘dash.’

That dash represents our entire lives.

That’s everything we’ve ever done or said. Everything we’ve ever achieved. All of our hopes, desires and fears.


All summed up in that tiny little punctuation mark.

Wow. That’s a powerful image. Our entire lives summed up in a tiny little line.

If you think about it we spend our entire lives trying to avoid accidents.

As children we are taught to avoid danger and not to take risks.

As adults we take out insurance policies to guard against risks.

In business we have contingency plans in case the worst happens.

Risk assessments are the name of the game.

We plan for everything – except the way we live our lives.

Many of us live our lives by accident.

We live each day as it happens.

We just keep doing what we are doing.

Just think what life could be like if you planned it and then systematically took baby steps to start achieving it.

What are those dreams you had when you were younger that you have given up on?

What are the things you enjoyed doing that you no longer do?

What stops you?

What could your life really be like?

As a will writer I know tells everyone – “we’re all gonna die.”

Don’t let the dash on your gravestone be an insignificant one.

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