Stand out from the ‘flock’

Recently my wife and I went for a lovely afternoon walk along the sea wall at Goldcliffe just outside Newport – with lovely views across the Severn Estuary.

On the land side of the sea wall are the flood plains with miles of fields stretching almost as far as the eye can see.

As we walked we were taken with a flock of sheep that seemed to be suddenly galvanised into action moving from one field through a gate into another.

It started with one sheep rather gingerly picking its way through the approach and then through the gate.

A few others started to follow.

One sheep, with what appeared to be a bad leg, hobbled after them.

Very soon the whole flock was in motion. Some were walking while others further away picked up their pace and began to ran.

However, the collective intent was very clear. They were all aiming to get through the gate.
In this sense they reminded me of how we act as people. We have this herding instinct.

Maybe it is a feeling of safety. Being in a large group – doing what everyone else is doing.

Maybe it is a feeling of belonging – our tribal heritage.

But when it comes to business there really is no safety in numbers.

Apart from sheep with the injured leg it was impossible to pick one animal from another during that mini ‘stampede’ to the gate.

Many of us work in crowded, competitive fields.

What makes ‘ewe’ different?

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