What’s stopping you?

Maybe it’s my age.

But I have had a couple of occasions recently to pause and reflect on life, the universe and everything.

For fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the answer for me was not 42.

The answer was more of a question – What’s stopping me?

The question was posed by some recent visits.

The first was while we were on a short break in Bournemouth and we went to visit the grave of Harry Selfridge a giant of an entrepreneur. The store he founded is still a majestic sight in Oxford Street in London.

But his grave is a very modest plot in a modest churchyard

More recently we have just returned from a holiday in Crete where we went to see Knossos Palace founded in 2400 BC.

In its heyday it was a capital city for the Minoan empire. Now just a place for many tourists to come and wander over.

The Palace undoubtedly would have been a place of politics and intrigue at its highest level and of mundane everyday life at another. But for everyone who lived there all of these things would have been vitally important.

Harry Selfridge was driven by a desire to create a new shopping experience -something unique that no-one else had even thought about.

As a will writer I know keeps telling everyone – “we’re all gonna die.”

Our cities and our graves will become places of idle curiosity.

It is what we do while we are alive that matters. It is the way in which we fulfil ourselves. It is the legacy that we leave behind.

So the question that keeps cropping up for me is – what’s stopping me from achieving?

What’s stopping me from just getting out there and just doing it?

And I guess that’s the question I am asking you.

What’s stopping you? – before we all become just a matter for idle curiosity in someone else’s future.

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