I talk to people and ‘stuff’ happens

One session with me could potentially change your life!

A few months ago my neighbour and I agreed to work together and paint our boundary fence.

It was a lovely sunny day and it took us a couple of hours.

While we worked he talked to me about his dreams of becoming a police officer. And he confided in me that he had never applied because he didn’t think he was good enough.

“I doubt I’d even get past the first stage selection,” he told me.

So I used our time together to coach him around his self-limiting beliefs and worked on boosting his confidence.

A few weeks later he stopped me on my drive to tell me that off the back of that conversation he had put in an application to the local police force.

It had been accepted and he had his second stage interview in one week.

He was delighted.

In the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is a TV weatherman who keeps reliving the same day over and over again until he gains some insights into his life.

I talk to my clients about their version of Groundhog Day.

How they keep doing what they do every day. Stay in jobs that don’t fulfil them or situations that make them unhappy.

But what about the dreams they have that they have given up on or the plans they could make to change and improve their lives.

Like my neighbour what are the things that hold you back?

There could be a different more exciting and fulfilling life out there for you if you just went after it.

And you can.

Book a free two-hour session with me – and let’s see what sort of ‘stuff’ happens for you.

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