The half-life of enthusiasm

Do you remember when you have been to a concert or a show that was really fantastic?

You couldn’t wait to tell people about it. You spoke about it to everyone and described how you felt and what it was like to be there.

You did that for days afterwards.

A week or so later you maybe told a fewer number of people.

A month or so goes by and you might tell the occasional person.

After six months you are probably hard pressed to remember any details of the event – let alone describe it in detail.

That effectively describes the ‘half-life of enthusiasm.’

We meet someone at networking and have a great conversation. We promise to get back in touch. Arrange to meet or send a proposal.

We leave all fired up and full of enthusiasm.

But almost immediately other things intrude on our lives.

Telephone calls to return, emails to answer, items to collect on the way home.

Within a very short space of time that fantastic conversation, that potential, that possibility, loses some of its importance.

By the next day or the day after it is probably a distant memory that hasn’t been acted upon.
I ask my clients “how are you with integrity?”

Almost always they answer that they are good.

That is until they are pressed.
• Do you always say what you mean?
• Do you always mean what you say?
• Do you always do what you say you will do?
• Do you find excuses for any of the above?

As a small business owner you are your ‘brand.’

Your brand stands or falls on your integrity.

Have an honest think back and see if any of the above questions ring any bells with you.
If they do then come and have a free two-hour, in-depth, coaching conversation with me and let’s explore why that may be.

Is it the ‘half-life of enthusiasm’ or is it integrity?

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