Putting things in perspective

I happened across a tiny money spider the other day
These things are minute. You could fit several on the back of your finger nail with room to spare.

It was busying itself in the corner of a room doing whatever they do to ‘thrive and survive.’

And that got me thinking about scale and perspective.

This tiny spider had no concept about the size of the room it was in and how large that was. It had even less idea about the scale of the house.

If we then extend that to the garden and the street and the local area it becomes huge.

Then take those boundaries across the country and the globe. Extend them out to the galaxy and the universe.

It defies comprehension.

That tiny spider had no idea of the opportunities that could potentially await it.

Sure there would be dangers. But there would be rewards beyond imagination.

Isn’t that what we do?

We live in a tiny corner of the ‘room’ we build for ourselves in our minds.

There be monsters out there if we step outside of that zone.

So we fail to explore our potential and we fail to reap the ‘untold riches’ that potentially await us.

We just do what we do every day to ‘thrive and survive.’

Are you ready to step out of your corner?

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