Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a land not so far, far, away, there was once no such thing as new technology.

There were no mobile phones. No internet. No Google.

We had land-line telephones. If people weren’t at the other end we couldn’t talk to them.

Indeed talking is what we did.

We talked and we listened.

I have to smile to myself when I offer people an initial coaching session with me. I don’t charge and I tell them to set aside two hours.

“Wow”, they say. “What an earth are we going to talk about for two whole hours.”

So I ask questions and they talk and I listen.

How often does someone say to you “Let’s just talk about you for two hours.”

I usually get one of three reactions. Some people enjoy the conversation but get no insights. Others get some powerful life changing insights and want to go away and digest them.

One or two people ask what it would take to work with me.

I love coaching and I love offering people coaching sessions. But I don’t work with everyone.

The people I work with have to interest and excite me.

They have to demonstrate three things. They need to have a vision of what they want to achieve. They have to have enthusiasm and they have to have tenacity.

That all adds up to potential.

I then work on the ‘Three Ps’.

The potential they know they have. The potential they want – and the potential they had no idea about.

That excites me.

If it excites you then book a session with me and let’s explore your potential.


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