Through the Eye of a Needle

Today I had a ‘Light bulb moment.’

I talk to my clients about the fact that they can do and achieve whatever they turn their minds too.

Nothing is beyond reach if you can visualise it – and then emotionally engage with it.

At the same time I also talk to them about doing things they don’t like – and why.

So it is with me and DIY.

Of course I can do it if I want – but I really don’t enjoy it.

So I don’t get emotionally engaged – and things can, and often do, go wrong.

Today was a case in point.

In our bathroom we have a light which is operated by a pull cord. The porcelain handle managed to break – how is an entirely different story.

So we went to the local DIY store and bought another one.

How hard can this be.

You thread the cord through the  hole at the ‘pointy end’ of the handle and tie a knot.

Well as it turns out the cord is just a tad too thick to go through the hole.

So it requires additional tools like a darning needle to thread it through.

Who knew that threading a needle requires an ‘ology.’

After much struggling and pricking of fingers and an undisclosed amount of time I finally resorted to calling in the expert.

It must have taken my wife Maggie, about a minute to thread the needle and tie the knot.

“ I guess,” she said with just a hint of irony – or was it sarcasm – it can be so hard to tell , “That this was your ‘light bulb moment.”

And disappeared down the stairs.

And as it happens, yes it was.

We don’t have to be expert in everything. We don’t need to be.

There are plenty of experts out there.

Do the things you enjoy. Practice the things you want to do and get better.

And call in the experts when you need them.


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