A Lesson from Santa

So the holiday season is over.

Lots of people have already taken down their Christmas trees and decorations.

We’re just doing ours.

And that’s given me pause for thought.

Throughout the holidays there is one particular decoration that has caused me endless irritation.

It is a metal Father Christmas hanging from a hook on a glass fronted cabinet in our kitchen.


Because at consistent intervals throughout the last few weeks, he has fallen down. And when I have gone to look,  the hook has been in place – attached to one of those sticky-backed ‘things’ that you can peel from the wall after use.

How?, I kept asking myself, could Santa keep falling down if the hook was firmly attached to its sticky backing.

It took quite a while to work out but finally I got to the bottom of it.

Santa was a bit too heavy for that arrangement.  His weight caused the hook to fall forward and led Santa to his fall. But then, with the weight gone, the hook sprung back onto its backing.



What an analogy for the New Year.

We all carry around lots of baggage that pulls us down. We are relentless in acquiring and keeping this ‘stuff.’

It pulls us down. It really is a heavy weight to keep lugging around.

Yet most of us refuse to let go. We hang on.

But just think. You can ‘spring back’ into a brighter more positive version of you – if you just let go.

Take a few minutes to look at your ‘baggage’. And then as a New Year’s gift to yourself – put some of it down.

Then maybe next week you can put down a little more – and a bit more after that.

It’s all about little steps.

Be brave and take the first one now and step into an awesome 2017.

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