An early Christmas story

At Christmas dreams really can come true. It happened to me.

At the time of writing I will be getting married in a few days time.

Maggie and I met on an online dating site almost six years ago.

We spoke several times on the phone – at great length.

It was a week before Christmas. I thought she sounded great. There was a long discussion about whether we should meet up before or after Christmas.

The weather had been really bad. It had snowed. The roads were icy and so were the pavements.

But excitement got the better of us. The New Year seemed such a long way away.

So we decided to ‘go for it’ and meet before Christmas.

I was living in Gloucester and Maggie lived just over the Severn Bridge in South Wales.

We decided to meet for a drink in Ross-on-Wye as that was about half way between the two. It was three days before Christmas.

I arrived in the town first. I parked and made my way to the town centre where we had agreed to meet. It was brightly decorated with a huge Christmas tree taking pride of place.

When Maggie arrived she found me – under the Christmas tree!

She loves telling people that she found me under a Christmas tree and for my part I tell people that it really is hard for me to beat that as a Yuletide present for her.

Luckily she has a sense of humour.

Maggie and I have both had darkness in our past. The last six years have been brilliant.

I have found my soul mate and we have had lots of adventures together and gone to places that neither of us had dreamed we would ever see.

In my darkest hours I longed to find someone like Maggie.

So now we are about to get married. It will be very romantic – in a castle.

And we are about to start the next stage of our adventure together.

I can’t wait!

Magic really can happen at Christmas.

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