All the world’s a stage

When I was a young boy I loved drama class and as I went through my school years I developed a yearning to become an actor.

But like many things we love and hold dear I was not terribly good.

I had a great drama teacher who I adored. I remember confiding my future career hopes to her.

She gave me one of those pitying looks and gently placed her hand on my shoulder.
“Marcus, – have you considered a career in the civil service,” she asked.

So that dashed my hopes of ‘treading the boards’ and I went on to a career in journalism and later to a longer career in local government public relations.

Maybe my drama teacher was closer to the mark than she suspected – maybe I was ‘living down’ to her expectations of me.

One of the things I love about my life now is that I regularly give talks about my career in journalism and public relations. I tell tales about the famous people I have met and the major events in which I have been involved.

Early in my talks I recount this story about my dreams of stardom on the stage and my drama teacher’s response to them.

After one such talk to a women’s institute a lady came up to me.

She smiled and said “ So I guess giving these talks is you coming full circle and fulfilling your dream of being on stage.”

In all the time I have been giving my talks and of all the talks I have given this is the first person to have made that connection.

On reflection I guess it is. My job is to entertain and be interesting – to put on a show.

But I had never thought about it in terms of fulfilling my boyhood ambition.

What ambitions do you hold – and is there a way you can fulfil yours that you haven’t thought of?

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