What dreams have you secretly given up on?

I was having a general chat the other day with a networking acquaintance – and it led to a real personal insight.

I am sure he won’t me saying that he is not exactly a ‘teenager.’ However, he still trains diligently in the martial arts and is about to go for a black belt grading.

I was reflecting with him on my days training in the martial arts – which I gave up some 20 or more years ago – and saying that it was a regret of mine that I didn’t take it further.

So he asked me a question that I often ask my clients. He said simply “ what’s stopping you?”

So I gave him my sob story that I am now 65-years-old and my body is not what it was. I am probably too advanced to go falling around a mat in the dojo.

He didn’t buy into that at all and pushed me again on why I couldn’t go back to training.

So I complained about the state of my knees and other physical ailments that my current training regime often caused me.

“There’s nothing to stop you from training within your personal limitations,” he said at last.

And you know what?

He is absolutely right

When I was training there was a guy at the time who was 65. The age I am now. He had previously broken his leg and was training with a brace. He went on to get his black belt. An awesome achievement.

So I came home from that meeting and did some research to find a martial arts club in my area. I have now contacted them to make enquiries about joining them.

It’s a scary thought – but really exciting.

So the question is: What dreams have you secretly given up on – and why?

What’s stopping you?

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