Slow down – you’re moving too fast

A suspicious brown envelope landed on my doormat the other day.

I knew it was not going to be good news.

Don’t you just hate being right?

It informed me that my car had been spotted by a speed camera exceeding the designated limit.

I knew exactly where and when it had happened – and I was furious. With myself and with the camera.

It was a dual carriageway. A lovely long stretch of road. It was a sunny morning and there wasn’t another car in sight.

The speed limit along there is 50mph.

I was caught going 58mph.

Not the worst crime in the world – especially given the circumstances.

But I guess guilty is guilty.

I opted to take the safe driving awareness course rather than a fine and points on my licence.
That’s still £85.00 and a whole afternoon in a classroom.

I fumed at the apparent injustice of it all.

But then.

Common sense took over and I started looking for the positives.

I was certainly in the wrong. No denying that.

I had been given a choice of ‘punishments’ and had made my decision.

So where are the positives in all of this?

Despite the fact that I am an advanced driver and take great pride in my roadcraft we can all do with refreshers and reminders.

The course would give me an afternoon with driving experts and a clear refresher about the importance of not driving too fast and the dangers that speed involves.

It will be an afternoon well spent.

But then I thought further.

There is an analogy here with the way we live our lives.

We all tend to live in the ‘fast lane’. We rush around barely pausing for breath. There is never enough time in our lives to do all of the things we want.

The speed of it all makes us stressed and stress in turn makes us ill.

How many people do you know who tell you how stressed they are?

So as on the road do the same with your life.

Observe a sensible ‘speed limit.’

Take time out for yourself. Remember to breath.

Take time to stand and stare at the beauty of it all.

The alternative ‘fines’ we pay in our lives for not doing so are far more serious than a few hours in a classroom.

Let me know what you think and what you are going to do to move into the ‘slow lane.’

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