What I love about coaching

A few months ago I coached a client who hated his job and wanted to start his own business. He eventually ran out of excuses about what was stopping him from doing that.

I received a message from him the other day telling me that he had launched his business and giving me a link to his new website.

I was more than a little thrilled.

I had a two hour coaching session with another businessman a while back. At the end of it he said it was an interesting conversation but he didn’t feel he had got anything from it.

I was at a meeting  some two  months later and he made a point of seeking me out and talking to me.

He told me that the session had more of an impact on him than he had realized and that as a result of it he was making significant changes in three areas of his life.


Although his life would be changed significantly for the better if he expanded his business another client told me that he didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to have to work harder to earn more money and that it would potentially impact on his family life.

We explored ways in which he could earn more without working harder. He is now outsourcing some of his work to free up time to create more business.

Coaching isn’t about having ‘light bulb’ moments.

It’s about small changes in perception that have major impacts.

I get such a buzz when clients see this.

I love finding out what they are passionate about. Seeing a complete transformation in facial expression and body language when they talk and describe things they love.

Then we can explore ways of doing the things that really fire them up and motivate them.

That’s what I am passionate about. That’s what I love…and that’s what I love about coaching.

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