Why you don’t need a Life Coach

Let’s be honest.

Nobody needs a life coach.

Nobody ever died for lack of life coaching.

We have budgets for our summer holidays. We have budgets for a new car we even have a budget for that new giant flat screen TV that we simply can’t do without.

We can find reasons – in fact they are stories we tell ourselves – to confirm or reject why we must do or have these things.

So the holidays are ‘for our families’ or because ‘we don’t want to let our friends down.’

The new car is essential because the current one ‘drinks a lot of fuel and a new one would be cheaper to run.’

And the flat screen TV. Well …’ we don’t get out much so it’s our only source of enjoyment.’

What we don’t have is a budget for life coaching.

I’m good at my job so why would I want coaching?

I have my life mapped out. Why do I need to be coached?

I certainly don’t want to be taken out of my comfort zone. So I definitely don’t want coaching.

We’re limited by our success. If we’re good at what we do, we just carry on doing what we are good at.

I might not be happy where I am in life but I know and understand this pain and discomfort. So, thanks all the same but I’ll just carry on living my ‘default life.’

Your default life is the future that will map itself out for you if you do nothing to change it.

And that’s what most people do…absolutely nothing.

They get up and do what they do every day.

Einstein’s theory of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again…and expecting a different result.

So life coaching isn’t something you need.

No, life coaching is something you want.

If you feel that you have never really achieved your potential. If you feel that you were born to be greater than you are. If you have a dream that you have never realised. If you want to expand your horizon and live a life that you have planned – then life coaching is for you.

It is about having a champion in your corner. It is about having someone who can see that ‘spark of greatness’ in you. It is about having someone help you realise the potential you never knew you had.

I love working with people like this. People who want to move forward,

They are an inspiration.

There is an affirmation used by some people which is simply – ‘I am enough.’

I challenge that. Why should you settle for simply being enough. Why not aspire to being greater than you are.

Very often it is our self-limiting beliefs that stop us. Many of us were told as children to be ‘grateful for what we have.’

When we grow into adults this turns into a ‘block’ that prevents us from wanting to achieve more. Wanting more out of life is ‘greedy and selfish.’

That’s what we were told as children and that’s what stops us as adults from moving forward and claiming the future that we deserve.

If you want more out of your life then life coaching isn’t something you need.

It’s something you want.



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