I want to tell you a story


You may not know it – but you are a great story teller.

Stories have been told for years as a way of imparting knowledge and information.

We love stories.

Every half-decent TV advert is based around a ‘story’ of some sort.

So we have all lived with and acquired the ability to tell stories.

And we tell some fantastic tales.

The only problem is – they tend to be about the reasons why we can’t do something.

I was in a coaching conversation the other day with a young man who is desperately unhappy in his job. He shared with me his dream of starting up his own businesses.

So I asked him what was stopping him. Well, the list was long.

But I didn’t buy it.

So I asked him again. ‘What’s stopping you?’

And he came out with a few more reasons.

So I asked him for a third time. ‘What’s stopping you?’

This time there was a long, long silence while he pondered the question. Finally he said: ‘I guess just me.’

He emailed me a couple of days later to say: ‘This time next year I will be running my own business.’

Another client wanted to leave her job as she was so unhappy but was scared to do so. When I asked why she explained that she probably wouldn’t be very good at the new job. She’d find it hard and would make mistakes. Her  new boss and colleagues would think badly of her and she would feel bad for letting everyone down.


This was a job that she  didn’t know existed. That she hadn’t applied for with a boss and colleagues that she wasn’t yet working with.

And yet, she’d failed and let everyone down before she even started..

She had devised this complete scenario in her head to keep her where she already was – although she hated being there.

We make up all sorts of stories to confirm our view of the world and of ourselves. We are bombarded with so much information that we ‘automatically’ only filter in the things that confirm what we already know.

And so we go around in a vicious circle of reinforcing our doubts and self-limiting beliefs. All of the things that stop us from moving forward and living a life that enriches and rewards us.

So ask yourself the question.

What are the stories that you tell yourself that stop you from doing the things that you would love to do?

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