Words are Powerful – they can change your life

I have published this post previously but it has such meaning for the Weeks of Self project that it bears repeating.We can, if we let ourselves, be our own ‘worst enemy.’

Newton’s Law of  Action states that  ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.’

If that’s true then if we can use self-talk to reinforce our limiting beliefs we can also use it to reinforce positive and affirmative action.

How many times, I wonder, do you ‘chastise’ yourself?

Do you catch yourself saying ‘Oh, I am so silly or stupid.’ Or ‘I am an idiot.’

Do you say that I can’t do ‘this, that or the other.’

Do you tell people that you are ‘always late’ for meetings or appointments.

Now just think. If you have a child and someone spoke to them like that – how would that make you feel?

If you had a friend who was always that negative towards you – would you want to be around them?

Of course you wouldn’t be happy and I doubt you would want to spend a lot of time in the company of this so-called friend.

Our actions are governed by a series of learned behaviours buried deep in our sub-conscious mind that have been there from childhood.

These in later life go on to form our self-limiting beliefs. The things we keep telling ourselves that we can’t do or that we are no good at.

When we verbalise these negative statements we are simply reinforcing those beliefs and so the ‘circle’ continues.

We are what we believe.

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ put it this way:

‘ It is a well known fact that one comes finally to believe whatever one repeats to oneself, whether the statement is true or false. If a man repeats a lie over and over, he will eventually accept the lie as truth.’

So it is no wonder that we see ourselves as silly or stupid or unable to do certain things.

We have been telling ourselves this on a continual basis for as many years as we have been alive.

And if we say it often enough – it becomes true.

So how do we change.

You have to use this same process in a positive manner.

Every time you catch yourself being negative about yourself you must make a conscious effort to stop and turn it into a positive statement.

Bob Proctor the American motivational guru says that if you can picture something in your mind then you can turn it into a physical reality.

Just think of any invention, tool or product that you use. At some point in time it didn’t exist. Someone had to think of it and then ‘make it happen.’

That ‘law’ doesn’t just apply to products.

You can ‘re-invent’ yourself.

Picture yourself as the person you really want to be.

Keep telling yourself that you are becoming that person.

Do it constantly. Say it out loud.

You can change and be that person.

Remember – words can literally change your life.

See my video.

As a coach I set my clients challenging ‘challenges.’ As my own coach pointed out I shouldn’t suggest something for them to do that I am not prepared to do myself.

Challenges are how we grow and move forward. They should cause us to pause and draw breath. So the challenge I have accepted is to undertake 100 coaching conversations.

Are you prepared to invest two hours of your time to have a conversation with me that could possibly change the way you look at life. And if you change the way you look at life – your life changes.

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