Month: November 2015

The Weeks of Self

The International Weeks of Self project launches today. Thought leaders from  France, the USA and the UK are writing a series of blogs aimed  at reflecting on the meaning of Self – and its importance. Check out the introduction from Theresa Destrebecq – whose idea this project was.

Be One in a Hundred

As a Life Coach I work with amazing people to develop their dreams and then help them walk into them. There is a common misconception that coaching is only about helping people with problems. That isn’t the case. If it was why do world class athletes have coaches? Why do successful people continue to have coaches? Read More …

Are you a fraud?

Now there’s a leading question. But seriously take a moment to reflect and ask it of yourself. If you are truly honest the answer will be yes. It will be yes because you are not making the most of the person that you are. You are truly awesome. But you could be even more. Whoever Read More …