Unique international project to inspire others

A unique international project is taking place in November aimed at inspiring people around the world.
A group of nine coaches and bloggers from France, the UK and the USA will be sharing their thoughts on personal development across the internet.
Launching on November 16, a range of social media platforms will be used to cover topics such as self-love, self-forgiveness, self-worth, self-leadership and self-acceptance.
The ‘Weeks of Self’ is the brainchild of Theresa Destrebecq a personal development coach in France.
She said: “ At a time when more and more people are looking for inspiration and guidance to change their lives, this is a fantastic opportunity for us all to share information and knowledge.
“The project contributors in each of the countries will be taking a separate subject and giving their thoughts and views to empower others.
“ All the other contributors will promote those daily blogs amongst their own audiences. In this way we can help spread a variety of different perspectives among many people.”
Marcus Grodentz of Novus Life Coaching in South Wales – one of the UK coaches taking part – added: “ This is such an exciting project. Collaborating with other coaches in this way will provide a broad spectrum of views in relation to tackling issues that so many people struggle with.
“ Being a life coach is about wanting to help people grow and improve as individuals. This project demonstrates that in so many ways. I am really looking forward to taking part.”


Information about the project and the posting schedule can be found at http://www.thrivewithin.com/self
The first blog will appear on November 16 and can be found at www.thrivewithin.com/blog


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