No One Gets Out Alive!

I was doing some sums the other day.

They made for interesting reading.

I rounded the numbers up for simplicity sake.

Most of us are ‘learning stuff’ until about the age of 20.

We then go out to work and earn a living until around the ages of 60 or 65.

We then hope to ‘enjoy’ ourselves for as long as we can afterwards.

That means the ‘middle bit’ of our lives spans some 40 or 45 years.

So here’s a question.

Why do so many of us spend so long doing things that we don’t like, or enjoy and that make us unhappy?

That’s 14,600 days. Or 350,400 hours.


That’s a long time to be unhappy.

But we keep right on doing the same things over and over.

We know we want more. We know this isn’t fulfilling but we do it anyway.

They say that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

So most people will stay within this safety zone. It doesn’t make them happy – but heck there could be monsters out there.

The ‘terror barrier’ keeps people trapped within lives they don’t enjoy living.

Monsters and ‘things that go bump in the night’ that scared us as children continue to scare us as adults – although their shape and form might alter in our minds.

You can change and move forward.

Yes it is scary.

Taking that first step on the road to a new you and a new life could be one of the bravest things that you have ever done.

As a Life Coach that’s what I am here to do. Help you conquer the fear barrier and then create something completely new.

It was Benjamin Franklin, one of the American Founding Fathers, who said:

‘There is nothing certain in life – except death and taxes.’

Just think of all those days and hours that could be more happily and productively spent.

So, what scares you?

Let me know and let’s see if we can conquer your fear barrier together.

We don’t want to think about it but it is worth remembering – none of us get out of here alive.

Let’s use the time to do the things we really want.

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