In the Twinkle of an Eye

I have to go to a funeral.

They make you suddenly very aware of your own mortality and the fragility of our existence.

It also makes me wonder why we don’t make the most of our lives given the short space of time before – to quote Hamlet – ‘we shuffle off this mortal coil.’

I have mentioned it before but we are creatures of habit and those habits are often bedded in our own self-limiting beliefs.

We haven’t learned that if we keep doing the same thing over and over again we will keep getting the same result each time.

Doing that – and expecting a different outcome – was Einstein’s definition of insanity.

So why do we keep doing jobs that don’t fulfil us or indeed make us unhappy?

Why do we stay in the wrong relationships?

Why don’t we pursue our dreams and aspirations instead of settling for less than second best?

The answer is in the nature of the beast. We are shaped in our formative years by our environments. As babies and toddlers we have a constant input of data and information.

These become buried in our subconscious minds and become the drivers of everything we do. The way we think, feel, act and react. The sort of emotions that we have.

So if we have been told often enough as children to be grateful for what we have – we are.

And as we get older we don’t aspire for more than we have because we are programmed to believe that what we have is what we should be grateful for.

As we gradually grow up we are taught not to use our imagination. We are told to be sensible.

How many times have children said something like – ‘I want to be a pilot when I grow up’ – only to be told –‘don’t be silly, you’ll never do that.’

Or, ‘you have to be really clever to do that.’

The examples are countless. But these are what become our self-limiting beliefs. And they are hard to change.

So take a step back in your life.

Have a think about who you really are. Examine your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Question – are they really yours?

If you want to make changes in your life the very hardest thing to do is take that first step.

But you are never too old – and it is never too late – to make those changes.

Do it now before it all disappears – in the twinkle of an eye.

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