A Bird’s Eye View

I was watching a pair of buzzards flying above a valley in a clear blue sky.

They lazily rode the air currents and soared high in the sky. They wheeled and banked as they surveyed their domain.

They had the perfect view of their landscape.

But for many of us life is not so clear and our view is far less scenic.

We often lead very blinkered lives. We focus in on our immediate surroundings. We do the same thing day after day.
We don’t allow ourselves to dream and far less do we chase our real desires.

We are what we think.

We accept the concept that in nature if we plant corn then naturally corn will grow.

But we don’t apply those same principles to ourselves.

We don’t allow ourselves to believe that we shape our environment – our environment does not shape us.

We are often conditioned to be grateful for what we have. So we don’t pursue anything beyond that.

We are also taught as youngsters once we start school not to daydream and waste our time.

So we grow up, we become logical and more than that we put away our dreams and fail to reach our true potential.

The thing that separates us from the great explorers, inventors and entrepreneurs is that they all have one thing in common. A great clarity of purpose.

Unlike the buzzards that I saw we can’t soar above our lives and see the landscape mapped out.

But that doesn’t matter. We don’t need to.

If you have a clear objective and a real desire to achieve it then you don’t need a route map to get you there.

You just need the courage to take the first step on that journey.

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