Moral Fibre – Make it One of Your Five a Day

We are all very much creatures of habit.

These habits are acquired in our most formative years – and unless we decide to do something about them – they stay with us for life.

They are buried deep in our sub-conscious minds and govern our approach to life. The way we think, feel, believe, act and react, our emotions, almost everything we do is governed by these sets of learned behaviours.

They come from the environment that we grew up in. They come from our parents, our grand-parents, relatives and siblings.

By the time we are old enough to start thinking for ourselves we are already ‘pre-programmed.’

I know that even now when I react to something on the television news and start ‘arguing with the screen’ I find myself thinking – ‘I can hear my parents saying this.’

When we couple this with our own ‘self-limiting’ beliefs – the things we tell ourselves that we can’t do – then the combination is a powerful one.

And these ‘self-limiting beliefs’ are also part of our pre-programming.

So many of us go through our lives, not actually living ‘our own lives.’

These lives are based on environments that are maybe 20, 30 or even 50 years old.

There was no internet, no mobile phones, no space travel.

So although we think we know who we are. Many of us actually don’t. We are the people that we have been made. We live the lives with the expectations that other people have given us.

Our aspirations and our dreams get buried.

But the great news is that You can change that.

As long as you realise that the change has to come from inside you.

Start changing those learned programmes. Start challenging those self-limiting beliefs.

It takes courage. It is scary.

It feels safer to stay where you are and accept the ‘lot’ that you think life has given you.

As James Allen put forward in his famous book ‘As a Man Thinketh’ more than 100 years ago – ‘ we are what we think.’

Henry Ford put it this way : ‘ Those that think they can and those that think they can’t – are both probably right.’

Courage can also be summed up as ‘morale fibre.’

Challenge yourself today to change your ‘mental diet.’

Make morale fibre – one of your five a day.

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