A Road Less Travelled

I remember many years ago finding a book – where you could decide the course of the plot.

At various points in the story you were given options about what the character could do next.

If you chose Option A then you turned to page X and read on.

If you chose Option B then you turned to page Y and read on.

And so it went on through the story with you as the reader making the key choices.

In Robert Frost’s Poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ he comes to a point in his walk where the path splits into two.

Both appear absolutely identical. He looks down one as far as he can see and then decides to take the other.

He is later to recount that it was because it looked less travelled and that one day he would go back and walk the other – but he knows that is never likely to happen.

Is the path less travelled the easy option – or is it the harder?

Our journey through life constantly presents us with these choices. Our subconscious mind is pre-programmed from an early age to keep us safe.

So we don’t take risks we stick to what we know is safe. If we take the path less travelled – ‘There be monsters!’ – possibly.

But if we don’t take ourselves out of our comfort zones. If we always keep doing what we always do – then we are always going to get the same outcomes.

Be brave – take the first step on the path less travelled.

Unlike the book that I found. In life you can’t go back and have another go at the story.

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