I can see clearly now

I went for an eye test today…..and it turns out I might just have a bit of a hearing problem.

My eyes it seems are fine..which is great. Although the opticians have managed to let me talk myself into having another pair of glasses – as I don’t currently have a spare pair.

But the optician’s also do hearing tests.

My partner has been on at me for some time about my hearing – or lack of it.

I have chosen to think that the problem is a selective one. Us guys only hear what we want to hear sort of thing.

But when you keep having to turn up the television volume you reach a point where you just have to accept that your hearing ought to be tested.

It wasn’t a full-blown hearing test. You can’t book one of those until you have an initial evaluation. They put a small piece of equipment against each ear and play noises through it.

There’s a total of six noises on each side – and I scored four on each side. Enough to warrant a full test.

So I guess my partner is right – as she often is about most things.

So my point is?

We are creatures of habit. We probably all do the same routine or ritual every morning. I know I always put on my left sock before my right one. I just have to do that.

We take the same route or journey to work. We probably have set things that we do on each day of the week – possibly even down to set meals on certain evenings.

We live our lives within the confines that we set for ourselves. We build our own glass ceilings above which we feel we can never rise.

We see our salaries as being the most we are able to earn or our business income as being what our businesses earn.

Not only are these all self-limiting beliefs that are also beliefs that we rarely if ever question.

It is only when we hit a ‘bump’ in the road that we consider re-evaluating our situation or circumstances. And even then the chances are that we probably do nothing about it.

So I sat in the optician today while he shone a light in my eyes and thought about how it would be if I lost my sight. Or what would I do if I couldn’t hear.

Which prompted this chain of thought.

Don’t wait for those bumps in the road.

Do something positive and wonderful today to make changes in your life and to make the most of the fantastic person that you are.

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