Snakes and Ladders

I was in a somewhat contemplative mood the other day and was having a ‘thunk’ about life.

It occurred to me that life is like a game of Snakes and Ladders.’

Whenever you go up a ladder and progress there is often the inevitable ‘snake’ to slide down – and figuratively push you back.

But you know – that’s OK.

You can’t have life and reality that is all smooth sailing. There will always be setbacks to face and overcome.

It’s not what life throws at us. It’s how we re-act and deal with those challenges.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I have recently returned from a holiday. I have to be honest and say that I over-indulged. My training programme went out of the window and I ate and drank if not with gay abandon then certainly with less concern than normal.

The weighing scales and I were definitely not friends when I returned home. I am now having to work hard at the gym and watch my food intake to get back to my normal size.

Getting back into my routine has been hard. I have found myself prevaricating. I have been finding reasons not to go to the gym. I have something far more important to do.

But it was just prevarication. We all do it.

We put off dealing with issues or doing certain tasks that we don’t like or enjoy.

It would have been very easy for me to say ‘you know what. I’ll just stick with this new weight.’

But I have worked through it and got back on track. The weight is gradually coming back off.

And that’s how it is with all of us. There will be set backs on our chosen routes. Sometimes out of our control and sometimes of our own making.

But we need to look at those setbacks from a positive point of view and ask ourselves what they have taught us? What have we learned?

Setbacks and mistakes are an inevitability.

But they help us learn and move forward.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes they can be very hard lessons indeed. But we’ll remember them. And it’s what we do afterwards that matters.

Someone put this into context for me recently.

As babies we learn to crawl before we can walk. We have no initial conception of walking. But as babies we don’t say I can’t do it. We learn from all the mistakes we make of falling down over and over again until we get better at the task.

We go on to learn to run and some of us even become athletes and break world records.

Treat adversity as a positive lesson in life – and go on to do something Great!

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