If you are not living on the edge – you are taking up too much room.

My partner and I have a caravan down at the coast in Devon where we try and spend weekends during the summer.

Recently, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, I was about to settle into a recliner and enjoy the sun when I heard those words that send a shiver down the spine of most men – ‘How about we go out? I fancy a mooch.’

For the uninitiated – and there can’t be many – mooching is defined in my personal dictionary as ‘aimless shopping.’

You get to walk around all sorts of shops and feel the fabric of dresses and blouses. You get to pick up and look at trinkets. There’s lots of ‘what do you think of this?’ type questions – for which intelligent answers are expected.

If anything is actually bought then I get to carry it.

So off we went and spent the afternoon that I had expected to spend sitting in the sun doing the round of shops at a nearby seaside town.

However, my reward for all of this is that we go and have afternoon tea.

On this particular occasion we decided to try a new tea shop – that we hadn’t frequented before – and picked a table outside in the sun.

I went inside to order our scones and tea and the lady said ‘Oh you shouldn’t have come in I was about to come out to you.’

She took our order and I asked if I should pay. ‘Oh no.’ She replied, ‘when you have finished.’

‘But we are sat outside,’ I said. ‘I might run away.’

‘That ‘s ok,’ she said brightly ‘I’ll just chase after you.’

‘Well that’s the best offer I’ve had today,’ I said – and we both laughed.

The tea and scones were lovely as was the service and my partner and I have returned there several times over following more ‘mooching’ trips – as compared to other similar establishments where the service was less impressive.

The moral to this story is that in business you only get one chance to impress – and earn repeat customers.

You only get one life – with no repeats.

If you want to live it to the full you have to take that first step and make changes. You have to push the boundaries and be the person that you want to be and do the things that you want to do.

As motivational ‘guru’ Bob Proctor says – ‘if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room.’

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