Music has charms to soothe the savage beast….

We all have a savage beast inside us.

Not a physically vicious beast – more of a gnawing mental one.

You know the sort of thing. The voices in our head which torment us with thoughts, worries and concerns. The voices which tell us we can’t do things so don’t bother trying. The voices that keep us awake at night worrying.

Sometimes there is just so much noise going on inside our heads we feel like there is no escape.

For me the escape is music. I listen to it whenever I can. In the car, exercising, doing the ironing, cooking.

There’s always music and it tunes out everything else.

Whatever kind of music you like you can get lost in it.

For you it might be something else. Reading a good book, painting, knitting , doing yoga or sewing.

Whatever it is – do it.

Make time for you – where you can have some mental peace and quiet.

It’s not just the noise in our heads. We are bombarded in today’s modern society with information from multiple sources.

You get to the stage where you don’t feel you can process any more.

So find your space where you can ‘tune out’ and just be you.

Relax ……and breathe.

It feels wonderful.

For the literary buffs who may wish to correct me I know the exact quote is ‘ Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast.’ It is often misquoted as above and attributed to William Shakespeare. It’s actually William Congreve.

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