The Voice In Our Heads.

As children we grow and learn and part of that learning is knowing right from wrong.

We start to know and understand that if we choose path A instead of path B we will get told off – because path A is wrong or naughty.

So as we continue to grow through adolesance and into adulthood those voices grow with us.

But they develop a mind of their own.

They start to tell us that we ‘simply can’t’ do certain things. Not because they are wrong. But just because they are too hard or too difficult. They are simply not for us.

They become our ‘self-limiting’ beliefs.

So we close off a whole world of adventure and opportunity because the voice in our heads tells us we can’t.

I can’t sing
I can’t dance
I can’t paint
I can’t do sums
I can’t drive

You name it there is a never ending list of things we think we can’t do.

But the answer is – Yes you can.

You don’t have to do them brilliantly but you can do them.

Make a list of things you think you can’t do.

Pick two or three of them that you really would like to do.

Then go for it.

Join a club or a class or a group or a society.
Maybe go with a friend.

But go!

Open up your mind to the idea that you can and find a new world waiting right on your doorstep.

Let me know how you get on.

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