Throwing Some Light on the Subject.

We’ve just moved the position of our garden shed.

We don’t have a huge garden. It’s a nice size. But the shed was close to our kitchen window and blocked some of the light.

So we moved it.

And what a change it has made. The space suddenly looks so much bigger. It’s opened up a whole new flower border and – as intended – let a lot more light into the kitchen.

So now we are making plans for what we can do with our new found space. What plants are we going to buy and where we are going to put them.

It’s exciting. I am not a good gardener by any means but I will enjoy looking at the lovely plants that will establish themselves in the spaces we have created.

It doesn’t take a lot to make big changes.

Sometimes a small move can make a massive difference to our whole perspective. When things block us a change of position can suddenly open up a ‘fistful of possibilities.’

As with our shed where we’ve moved it from one corner of the garden to another – so it can be with our lives.

We sometimes feel blocked and trapped and can’t see the light. We literally wither in the claustrophobic environment that creates for us.

But with a little help a whole new picture can open up in front of us. With it can come excitement at the possibilities that this presents.

Look forward, prepare to be excited and – take that first step.

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