What a Waste

Just imagine that you have £1440 in a bank to spend.
You have to spend it all in one day – and if you don’t it will be gone. Wasted.

I am sure that the majority of us would make pretty sure that we would spend it all.

Well that’s exactly what we do have – but only it isn’t money.

It’s time!

Unless my maths and my calculator are badly wrong there are 1440 minutes in a day.

Work it out.

Time is our most valuable resource. We never ever can get it back. The clock is always ticking. Yet what do we often do with it?

How many things do we have on our ‘To Do’ list that never get done?

How many projects never get started because we prevaricate?

How often do we look back and say ‘if only’?

How many of us tell ourselves – ‘there are just not enough hours in the day’?

But you can change that.

Start by keeping a daily/weekly time diary. Nothing complicated.

Just keep a note of how you spend your time each day and how long you spend on doing ‘stuff.’

So, for example, you might find that you spend three hours each night watching TV.

That’s almost a whole day!

You might spend two hours a day travelling to work. What do you do during that time?

At the end of the week examine how productive you have been and how much time has been ‘wasted.’

We all have chores we have to do. Shopping, cleaning, cooking. But look for ways to make them more productive for you.

I love ironing. I put on my favourite music , ‘bop’ around the ironing board and sing. My partner vacates the area – I am tone deaf – but I have a great time and use it as a mini work out.

When you have worked out how much time you might have then make a list of things that you want to do with it.

You may well find that you have more time than you think or have time that you could use more wisely.

Whatever it is, use it to do something for you.

It all starts with that first step – and the clock’s ticking.

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