The Queen and I – part one

How The Queen helped teach me one of life’s valuable lessons.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave me a curt look, as if to say “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

But it was just the briefest of glances as she and her husband, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, moved across the room to sign the visitors book to record their visit.

How I came to be in a room with the Queen of England, armed police, and a small handful of the movers and shakers of Gloucester I’ll come to in a later blog (watch this space!).

Today I want to share with you the moral of the story – for all stories have to have a moral.

Mine is this.

You can prepare to a finite degree for every eventuality that might come along. But you can’t prepare for the unexpected. There is always likely in life to be ‘an unexpected.’

It isn’t what happens to us that matters because the simple truth is that ‘shit happens.’

What matters is how we react to those circumstances?

Do we crumble, do we complain and wail and moan?

Or rather do we get on and deal with it.

Another truth is that we are all very different and we all react differently to situations. Our reactions are often made up out of our histories. The things that have gone before that have shaped and moulded us into the people we are today.

But yet another truth is that the people we are today are not necessarily the people we will be tomorrow if we are not happy in that shell.

We can all make changes. We can all achieve.

We just have to want it enough and perhaps have someone help guide us along the way.


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